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Case Study - I

About Client

Rewterz is an information security company that deals with all the information security aspects i.e. from in-depth penetration testing to system analysis and its maintenance. The company is dedicated in providing consistent security services to its clients round the clock. Rewterz specializes in implementing efficient policies that will assure the security of business data and other information.

Assessment and Challenge

Rewterz already had a website but it was not much interactive. Our team of developers and designers assessed the complete website and noted down the loopholes and probable changes. The design of the website was very simple and it was not depicting the correct image of the company. Our main target was to redesign the complete website and make it interactive so that it can portray a more professional look.

Why WebJinn?

WebJinn have been using cutting edge technologies and finest processes for design and development purposes. While considering our prolific portfolio and professional approach, Rewterz decided to outsource this project to WebJinn.


After assessing Rewterz's initial website, our team made a checklist of all the probable changes required in the redesign process. We started the project by storyboarding each step one by one. Next we started redesigning with the homepage of the Rewterz's website. We added drop down menus in four sections i.e. Rewterz, Services, Solutions and Research. Next we updated the blog of the website.

Security is a very critical issue and clients can face security problem anytime. We introduced the 'Emergency 911' page through which customers can get live assistance from Rewterz. Social networks and social media tools have gained a lot of popularity in the past few years so by considering the current trend we decided to add the Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter pages to the website.

Case Study - II

The Scenario

Immo-punkt.ch has been an important part of the real estate market in the European region. Starting from humble beginnings, Immo-punkt.ch was currently undergoing major restructuring due to overwhelming market response.

With their growing customer base, the CEO of Immo-punkt.ch felt the need for an enhanced website that would enable them to better exhibit their range of merchandise and better cater to individual and corporate requirements. Immo-punkt.ch wanted an updated website that would provide a more interactive and eye catching platform to exhibit their services, which included sales, leasing and residential project marketing.

Where Webjinn comes in?

Webjinn was asked by Immo-punkt.ch to upgrade their current website to cater to their mushrooming array of services and implement a content management system that would allow the administrators of the site to rapidly control the site's content. Webjinn implemented WordPress to achieve these objectives. The site was restructured to consist of a section carrying the name of the properties available complimented by an exhaustive description of the property's condition, location and history. The site consisted of numerous parts that all had customized control options. The site architecture consisted of a section displaying the current list of real estate properties under the portfolio of Immo-punkt.ch.

In addition, Webjinn also implemented Google Maps to give potential customers the exact location of the property. The revolutionary approach of using Google Maps provided clients a real-time view of the property's location and its geographical vicinity.

Additionally, Immo-punkt.ch was also interested in harnessing the power of social media. The use of WordPress offered integrated plug-ins that made this objective very simple to achieve and enabled Immo-punkt.ch to harness the power of social media through just a few clicks. And the most significant advantage was the fact that being an open source platform, WordPress was absolutely free.

At the end of the day

Based on the new web layout design, Webjinn had in effect completely restructured Immo-punkt.ch's traditional business process into a revolutionary and integrated web based modus operandi that utilized the effectiveness of the WordPress CMS to allow easy site content management.

This design upgrade resulted in a more interactive site layout which both Immo-punkt.ch and their customers found appealing and highly interactive.

With the enhanced forefront, revamped site design and improvised hierarchy, Immo-punkt.ch observed a surge in page hits and average time devoted to individual pages by users. The server response times also decreased drastically due to optimized code implementation by Webjinn's professional developers.

This enabled Immo-punkt.ch's employees to proficiently update their real estate inventory using a panel that was extremely easy to use and well organized. The use of WordPress provided Immo-punkt.ch an affordable, flexible and open source solution that enabled them to completely transform their business outlook and offer a highly dynamic online presence.

Webjinn utilized the strengths of WordPress to provide Immo-punkt.ch with an aggregated platform that provided built-in social marketing features, search engine optimization and link building possibilities. WordPress features a set of astounding plug-in that allow even novice users to implement the use of well thought out keywords.

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